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Poster: Samizdat Date: Sep 15, 2008 10:46am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Tutorial Amended -- 2008-09-08 Update == Brahms Show Fixed ==

Thanks for holding my feet to the fire, xtifr. It's more important to get it right than be right. (As it turns out, [in Linux Ubuntu, anyway] the original Brahms 48 KHz FLAC file Web-streams perfectly in a nifty little player called Audacious). That's 49:39 of playback in a single 240 MB FLAC file -- impressive. Unfortunately, Audacious is one of those players which doesn't support ogg-FLAC -- at least not out-of-the-box.

Expanding on your mention of Theora -- using Linux Ubuntu and the screencasting app recordMyDesktop, I can combine video and audio, writing the output as Ogg Theora with a .ogg extension. Whether recordMyDesktop can combine lossless audio and video or not I don't know. Considering for instance the stealthy MPEG audio Bartok Radio Budapest uses occasionally, sniffing out lossy-sourced audio is hard enough. I can only imagine what a limited PC and some patchwork processing tools can do video-wise, in ferreting out lossy-sourced material.

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Poster: Arrond_Wolf Date: Oct 20, 2008 12:13pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Tutorial Amended -- 2008-09-08 Update == Brahms Show Fixed ==

This is a fairly absurd discourse.
1) a large enough out-going bandwidth from the files source 2) a large enough in-coming bandwidth to allow for real-time processing of a FLAC codec
you can stream any type or size media file with a media player that supports streaming FLAC...not ogg-FLAC.

1st- I tried to make an *.m3u by adding the url for a FLAC file in a new playlist in Winamp.
No Go.
2nd try- Foobar2000 v. Created a new playlist using FLAC download links from LMA. Success.

As soon as my current file transfers finish, I'll upload an *.m3u playlist that contains links to set 1 FLACs from

here's the link:

It worked when i made a new playlist and open the location as the url above and it streams fines with zero lag.

Keep It Greasy,
Paul Staats